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Middleware – IIB Developer
  • Full time

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  • Oberweg 6, 82008 Unterhaching, Germany
  • 49 17620378492

Job Responsibilities

Middleware – IIB Developer • Message flow development based on IIB 10.x • Very good knowledge of IIB toolkit, Explorer • Design and implementation of message sets based on C/C++ and COBOL • definitions and test of message flows • Expert knowledge in ESQL and JAVA • Very good knowledge of file processing methods in IIB especially usage of “file • in/out node” and “FTE in/out node” • Very good knowledge in developing user defined message broker - /IIB nodes • Good knowledge of MRM and DFDL as well as standard message sets • SWIFT and FIX • Very good knowledge of C/C++ and Java • Good knowledge of IMS and CICS • Good knowledge in WebServices, WSDL, SOAP, HTTP • Good knowledge in ODBC/JDBC. Especially ORACLE, DB2, and SQL-Server • Consulting of application teams in terms integration design • Good knowledge in different communication patterns (store and forward, request • reply, pub sub) • Good knowledge in HOST JOB scheduling OPC/UCMD • Good knowledge of WebSphere MQ & WebSphere MQFTE/MFT • Project post Go Live Incident and Problem resolution related to Message Broker/IIB • message flows and IIB tools (i.e. IIB toolkit) • Knowledge of tools GANDALF, AGENT, Github, SubVersion, Maven, PVCS • Dimensions (understanding for develop, build, stage, deploy process) Message broker/IIB administration • Very good knowledge of handling IIB components. Execution groups, • Applications, Libraries and Flows • Knowledge of profiling and tracing of IIB • Very good experience in problem analyzes and troubleshooting of IIB • components • Good knowledge of WebSphere MQ, WebSphere MQFTE/MFT and MQ-AMS • Development of update and migration scenarios for message broker and IIB • Development/extending message broker / IIB runtime - and development framework • Very good knowledge in SSL/TLS • Project post Go Live Incident and Problem support for message broker and IIB related • problems • Very good knowledge in SUN cluster and RedHat cluster • Good knowledge in creating installation packages for message broker / IIB and MQ on • SOLARIS (pkg structure) as well as on LINUX (rpm) • Good knowledge in ORCALE 11/12 administration • Good know how in creating SQL queries for reports Development of integration tools / framework tools • Experience in development of java web frontends and command line-based java tool • Very good knowledge of apache tomcat • Very good knowledge in java server faces and java server pages • Know How in shell scripting available candidate having valid visa please share Cv at Outstation candidates please excuse us.